Time to (re)act ...  

Alarmist reports and actions to repair Nature (oceans clean-ups, waste recycling...) are no longer sufficient. A metamorphosis of business innovation strategies is necessary, and each one of us can contribute. Our strong demand for bio-inspired products and services, ecological by design, will accompany this essential mutation of companies towards a new economy based on Nature, innovative and regenerative of our beautiful planet ...

To reverse current situation, fight climate change and save biodiversity, our approach is to train you in biomimicry, either as individuals and/or businesses, by learning how to observe a coral ecosystem, through the experience of a real inspiring reconnection with Polynesian Nature and its “Mana”. After putting this new knowledge into practice, on our innovative and regenerative development projects in Polynesian ecosystems ("bio-inspired coral nurseries", for instance), we will support you in their use for your projects, personal or professional ... why not assessing your innovations through their real usefulness, their respect for Nature, their capacity to regenerate our beautiful planet?

The inspiring Power of Nature ... at the service of its regeneration!

Well beyond the process of engineering and innovation which is inspired by the forms, materials, processes and functions of the living, it is a new philosophy of progress that is offered to us. A new source of hope where all the innovative solutions to any problems already exist in nature. Progress becomes possible again, in harmony with the living, for a sustainable tomorrow. It's up to us to embrace this challenge together, today! The Institut Polynésien de Biomimétisme is the benchmark in French Polynesia for the discovery and support of biomimicry, both personally and professionally. The Institut Polynésien de Biomimétisme, with its many Polynesian, French and international partners, supports you, after your discovery of biomimicry, in the development of your biomimetic projects, whatever your country of origin.

To meet these challenges, we have developed a set of activities, presented here in summary, and in detail in our "activities" pages:

Raise awareness and educate

Observation keys for a new look at the living

The Institut Polynésien de Biomimétisme invites you to experience what is bio-inspiration, by developing a new view on Nature, terrestrial or marine. You will discover the "keys of observation" enabling you to better understand Nature, and to discover the "biomimetic eye", a new source of wonder and innovative inspiration. A few hours or a few days spent with us will be enough for this initiation and to start your training.

Invent and innovate

Should you want to explore further, and implement a biomimetic approach, in your personal life or within your company and your organization, we will support you with an innovative approach, enabling you to learn from Nature, and to consider new solutions to any your challenges, inspired by strategies developed over 3.8 billion years by our planet Earth.

Create and assess

Once the new “bio-inspired solutions” discovered and emulated, in each of your respective fields: architecture, design, engineering, town planning, tourism, logistics, service (transport, water, energy, health, communication)… we will assist you in the implementation phases of this innovative solutions, both technologically and organizationally, allowing us to test them and assess together the results obtained.