Project management and support

One of our flagship project we have developed and that has been selected by the IUCN is a new generation of coral nurseries, in partnership with CRIOBE, thus actively contributing to the regeneration of reefs and Polynesian lagoons. This new generation of nursery uses bio-inspired materials and forms, respectful of coral ecosystems, and provides new functions, also inspired by Nature. They allow, for example, to optimize the workload necessary for their implementation, as well as protections against seasonal heat peaks, due to global warming. This new design is protected by Copyright managed by the INPI. The details of this project, as well as the results of the tests in progress, will be presented very soon on this site.

These pilot projects have allowed us to experiment with development methodologies, over the entire life cycle of a biomimicry project, going from an idea or a need to a concrete reality, to a new finished product or to a new operational department. Several Polynesian and International companies have trusted us, and have started an innovation project through the use of biomimicry.

The study of new bio-inspired materials and processes for the company STP Multipress, manufacturer of containers and packaging made of paper or fabrics, is available on request. 


Shark are undoubtedly one of the most successful models in the underwater world. With more than 400 million years of adaptation, its flowing lines, its efficiency and its ability to thwart the challenges of a threatened nature, the shark proves to be a feat of adaptability and extraordinary resistance.

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Reef ecosystem

These are often linear reefs, separated from the coast by a more or less deep lagoon or by fringing reefs. The most common types of barrier reefs in French Polynesia are external barrier reefs, marking the outer edge of the reef complex from an oceanic island.

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Ombrolophic forests in altitude areas or cloud forests

These forests, the most original in their floristic composition and in their structure, the richest in endemic species, are the only ones which still have an almost intact aspect, sometimes disturbed by cross roads or by hydroelectric barrage.

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Discover how the underwater realm adapts and evolves in an exceptional harmony where optimization is at the service of each and every one, from the smallest organism to the most imposing inhabitants, where the stakes of food, survival and reproduction cannot be optimize without movement.

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Marine turtle

Living testimony of more than 100 million years of evolution, mythical emblem of French Polynesia since the dawn of time, inspiration of Polynesian ancestral tattoos, the turtle is an inexhaustible source of legends and technical and technological inspirations.

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For 18 million years, maintaining and adapting its habitat according to external constraints, its inhabitants and their vital needs, coral has become a master in the art of building; becoming at the same time architect, design office, builder, users and trustees of the underwater environment.

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The atolls represent the ultimate form of the evolution of an island which, once sunk, leaves to the surface its reef construction of more or less annular shape. The atolls can be of varying sizes, completely closed or open to the ocean, with or without intra-lagoon reef constructions.

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